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SharePoint /_layout/images/ Full List - Update
I have updated the area where you can see all the different images that SharePoint provides OOB.  The original setup called up each image, well with a grouping of over 900 images that could be a over a meg of data, not acceptable. 
So the new setup is one image showing all the individual images with the name of the file below.  This will make it much faster to view the images.
Click to View SharePoint Images
SharePoint /_layout/images/ Full List
Not everyone has admin access to see under the hood of SharePoint.  One of those areas is the "/_layout/images/" directory where SharePoint stores its images. 
As user who customizes SharePoint and uses JQuery and Javascript to improve the experience I found that I wanted to use the same images that came with SharePoint, but I did not have access.  So with the help of Paul Greneir I was able to get my hands on the 2000+ images found in "/_layout/images/".
My first reaction was wonderful, now I can organize and have access to all these images.  Then when I realized it was 2000+ images, I took great pause.  That is a lot of images to review and organize.
Here is what I am attempting, not to loose my sanity.  So far I have grouped these in two ways.  First, I have grouped them alphabetically.  Second, I have grouped them by size of the image (Small, Medium, Large).
I have also identified which images can be found in WSS and MOSS (both) and only on MOSS (MOSS Only).
Here is a sample view: 
Click to View SharePoint Images
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