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SharePoint Blog lack of Features - Statistics - Part 1
SharePoint blog compared to blogs like Blogger or Wordpress lack in features.  I will attempt to see what can be added to the bring it closer to having the standard features found in well established blog sites.
My first order of business is to address statistics.  SharePoint comes out of the box with some basic statics, but nothing like what you can get with big name blog sites. 
Google has many services which are great.  I just discovered the Analytics service that Google has.  I will incorporate that in to this site, first putting on the blog site I have setup here under SharePoint.
I will have a series on adding it and the results of using it.
Here are some links that I have found and are using to help install this service.
Google Analytics:
How to install Google Analytics on SharePoint:
Video on how to install it on a SharePoint blog site:


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