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SharePoint Book - Global Navigation Solution 2010
I have released the Global Navigation Solution for 2010.  You will find my solution in the following book that has just been published.  SharePoint 2010 at Work: Tricks, Traps, and Bold Opinions 

I want to thanks Mark Miller for his contribution to the SharePoint community and support.  Mark created a venue for SharePoint Professionals to give back to the community and I am very grateful for the opportunity.  He has spearheaded this publication and I am honored to be a part of it.
You will find my Global Navigation Solution for 2010 here, but you will also find many other great articles by other SharePoint professionals.  Here is a table of contents:
Chapter 1 The SharePoint Maturity Model by Sadalit Van Buren
  • Evolution of the Model
  • Structure of the Model
  • Applying the Model
  • Summary
Chapter 2 Empower the Power User by Kerri Abraham
  • SharePoint Designer: To Allow or Not To Allow? That Is the Question
  • Middle Ground: Configuration Management
  • Solution: The SharePoint Rudder
  • Connect Up OneNote
  • The Five “W”s of Documentation
  • OneNote Templates
  • Empowered Utopia in 10 Steps
  • Configuration Management Is Thoughtful Maintenance
  • Empowerment Without Responsibility Is Chaos
  • Summary
Chapter 3 jQuery to the Rescue by Jim Bob Howard
  • Automate an All-Day Event
  • Requesting a Review Only Once Per User
  • Default Text Based on Radio Button Click
  • Writing a Survey ID to a List on Response Creation(without Workflow)
  • Labeled Sections on Default Forms
  • Where To from Here?
  • Summary
Chapter 4 Unlocking the Mysteries of the SharePoint Data View Web Part XSL Tags by Marc D. Anderson
  • More About Data View Web Parts
  • Summary
Chapter 5 Hyperlinks in the Data View Web Part by Laura Rogers
  • Setup for Walkthroughs
  • URLs in SharePoint
  • XSLT List View Web Part Hyperlinks
  • DVWP Hyperlinks
  • Modal Dialog Box
  • Summary
Chapter 6 Building a Quote of the Day Web Part in
SharePoint 2010 by Waldek Mastykarz
  • Part I: Building the Quote of the Day Web Part
  • Part II: Preparing Quote of the Day Web Part for
  • Redistribution
  • Summary
Chapter 7 SPJS Charts for SharePoint by Alexander Bautz
  • Technical Overview
  • Version History
  • Initial Setup
  • The Edit Chart GUI
  • How to Make Web Part Templates
  • Multiple Charts in One Page
  • Summary
Chapter 8 Taming the Elusive Calculated Column—Logic by Dessie Lunsford
  • Functions
  • The Functions
  • The IFs
  • The Cousins: OR and AND
  • Summary
Chapter 9 Creating Document Libraries with Mixed Content Sources by Eric Alexander
  • Background
  • Configuring a Document Library in SharePoint Server
  • 2010/SharePoint Foundation 2010
  • Configuring a Document Library in MOSS 2007/WSS 3.0
  • What the Content Type Does
  • Extending the Link to a Document Content Type
  • Summary
Chapter 10 SharePoint 2010 Tab Page by Peter Allen
  • Implementation
  • jQuery Implementation
  • Tab Page Layout Code
  • Summary
Chapter 11 A Global Navigation Solution Across Site
Collections by Peter Allen
  • Implementation
  • Summary


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