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BitsOfSharePoint - What is this site and blog about?

Welcome to the BitsOfSharePoint site.  This site has been in the making for months and I did not realize it till I started work with Christophe at pathtosharepoint.wordpress.com. He has done some incredible work and I was able to collaborate with him to develop a wonderful way to communicate progress in SharePoint lists that are used for project management to tracking issues. 

Both prior and after this I have developed several sites for the company I work for to help them manage issues, to manage projects, to communicate progress to the PMO and executives, and to create a center track resource planning for the PMO.

I am now ready to develop a site where I can take the things I have learned from so many and show you how I have taken these learnings and applied them to real world scenarios. 

Beginning in December I will begin the process of rolling out these examples here. 


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