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Issue Tracking - Custom Setup
This month I will be embarking on outlining a custom tracking system using SharePoint.  SharePoint comes with a few templates that work great, but I have found that the system needs to be setup different based upon the use, users and business environment. 
We all work in different ways and thus meeting the needs of your users is critical.  SharePoint is wonderful platform to have the flexibility to do this.   The benefit is that we can start with a very basic setup and grow it to be more sophisticated with work flow or third party add-ons. 
Having implemented these many times, it is critical to start simple, not put all the bells and whistles on.  Let the users interact and then over time add features.  Too many times I have seen and been a part of an implementation that grows very large before it has been even implemented and most times the result is dissatisfaction from the users and managers.
So in throughout this month, I will outline a simple way and then provide some examples of additional features that can be added.  
Next post will be about the setup and the components needed.


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