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Topic Point - Update - Added Ranking

I am please to roll out the updated TopicPoint.  As I continue to populate this site with information and solutions, the more I realized I needed to do a couple of things to TopicPoint.

Let's review its purpose.  I created TopicPoint as a central place where all of my Blog posts, examples I do, Internet resources I find and videos created or found can be grouped in a way to make it easy for me and the end user to find the right solution. 

The other thing that I was noticing as I was populating TopicPoint was that solutions for a topic tended to have different levels of sophistication and this was not easy to determine this with the old site.  So I decided to Rank my posts, examples, Internet resources, and videos.  And here is my ranking:

1-Standard - Solutions that utilize the standard out-of-the-box features that come with WSS or MOSS.
2-Advance - Solutions that utilize Javascript/JQuery.
3-Designer/3rd Party - Solutions that require SharePoint Designer or installing a 3rd party tool.

This will allow the end user to know what they are getting into to implement the solution. 

I also found that it helped me to realize that in some areas I have not focused enough on the Standard solutions that are available.

In addition, I made it so that if there are no items in a section you will not see that section.  This has made it cleaner and with less clutter.  Also, the style is constant across the page.

Hope this helps in your quest for finding valuable solutions to your SharePoint needs.



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