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Blogs - How to change Blog Posts to allow multiple selections for Categories
By default the Blog template sets the Categories for Posts to single selection.  This is a real bother as many Posts will have multiple Categories that can be assigned. So I have put together a step by step process for changing it so that your posts can have multiple Categories.
Step 1:
Go to your Blog and select Mange Posts in your Admin Links.  If you do not see Admin Links then you either do not have access to do this or are not signed in.
Step 1 Photo
Step 2:
From Settings select List Setting:
Step 2 Photo
Step 3:
Once in the List setting scroll down to Columns and the click on Categories.
Step 3 Photo
Step 4:
When you are in the Category column settings, scroll down to Additional Column Setting and check the box for Allow Multiple values and then click OK. 
Step 4 Photo
You have made it so that your Posts can have multiple categories.


Multiple Categories for Blogs

That is part of what I did when I changed my blog around.  See http://www.madwhitehatter.com/blog/.  I changed the name to tags too.  I don't have server access for my SharePoint hosting, so everything I do is through the web interface.  I hope to pick your brain and maybe help you out.  I love your posts.
at 2/13/2009 5:38 PM

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