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EndUserSharePoint.com - Become Your Company’s SharePoint Superstar
I signed up for the the www.EndUserSharePoint.com - Become Your Company’s SharePoint Superstar- session.  I was looking forward to this event being put on by Mark Miller and Paul Grenier.  I have been following Paul's series on JQuery and have been using his solutions at work and on this site.  I was looking forward to learning more.
This event exceeded all my expectations.  I learned so much and left with some very valuable tools that will be used in many of the sites that I manage. 
It is clear that Mark Miller is focused on the end user and bringing solutions that any end user can use.  He does a wonderful job presenting, in a way that the end user can understand and feels welcomed to interacting and asking questions.  Even though there were many taking part in the event, all questions were answered and explored. 
Paul provided some really valuable solutions using JQuery.  He developed solutions that take no IT intervention and can be used out of the box by adding the nicely put together Web Parts.  We left with web parts that can do the following:
  • Accordion QuickLaunch - This provides a way for the QuickLaunch groups to expand and collapse.  Cleaner look.
  • List Tip - This is like a tool tip, but show all the fields for the list item.  You get to preview all the data for that item with out having to click and open a new page, awesome!!
  • Document Tip - This is the same as List Tip, but does it for document libraries.  View all the metadata with out having to click view properties. Again, awesome.
  • Enhanced Gantt - This makes the standard Garnett view something useful.  You now can view the Gantt view in a larger view to see all items and bars and you get the list tip feature so the details of the item pop up. Another awesome solution!!
  • Expand/Collapse Groups - This adds a "+" and "-" to the Tool Bar to make it easy to expand or collapse all groups.  Works wonders.
  • Manually Resize Web Parts - This one is allows you to resize a Web Part on the fly, cool.
  • Preview Pane - Now this one got a lot of praise.  Imagine having a preview pain on the page so that you can see all the details of a calendar item, task list or issues list, and you can have all those lists on the same page and the one preview pain will show any of the lists you hover over!!  Brilliant.
  • QuickLaunch Manager - Cool web part that allows you to make aspects of the QuickLaunch disappear or have the whole thing disappear.
Combine Mark and Paul's great skills and what you get is a very informative meeting with tools that you can use for every day problems.  If you cannot tell I am sold on what Mark and Paul are doing.  Their site www.endusersharepoint.com is a very informative site and they combine it with great events.  This event was a wonderful value at only $59 and was worth every penny.  
I highly recommend that you take part in the event they have, you will leave with everyday solutions.
I will be adding these solution to this site over time.  To start off with I have added Document Tip to my front page.  Check it out:  www.bitsofsharepoint.com.


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