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JQuery - View a list on any site from any other site
OK, this has always been a challenge, who to get a list from one site show up on another site.  OOB SharePoint does not do this.  Up till now this took a 3rd party solution or for you to use SharePoint Designer to make this happen.
Well, Christophe from pathtosharepoint.wordpress.com came up with a great JQuery solution.  This solution allows you to take any list view and show it in another site.  Yup, create a special view of the list and have that view show up in another site, NICE.
All of this can be done with three things:
  1. CEWP part added to the page to view the list
  2. URL of the list view you want to show
  3. JQuery code that can be found below or at this link: http://pathtosharepoint.wordpress.com/2009/01/22/a-simple-method-to-display-a-list-in-another-site/
This will really open up the possibilities with sharing information and having the freedom to view information from ANY site within your SharePoint environment.
Here is an example of this work on my site:
Click to View Example


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