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SharePoint /_layout/images/ Full List
Not everyone has admin access to see under the hood of SharePoint.  One of those areas is the "/_layout/images/" directory where SharePoint stores its images. 
As user who customizes SharePoint and uses JQuery and Javascript to improve the experience I found that I wanted to use the same images that came with SharePoint, but I did not have access.  So with the help of Paul Greneir I was able to get my hands on the 2000+ images found in "/_layout/images/".
My first reaction was wonderful, now I can organize and have access to all these images.  Then when I realized it was 2000+ images, I took great pause.  That is a lot of images to review and organize.
Here is what I am attempting, not to loose my sanity.  So far I have grouped these in two ways.  First, I have grouped them alphabetically.  Second, I have grouped them by size of the image (Small, Medium, Large).
I have also identified which images can be found in WSS and MOSS (both) and only on MOSS (MOSS Only).
Here is a sample view: 
Click to View SharePoint Images


Very useful!

Thanks for putting this together Peter!

at 3/16/2009 1:00 AM

Awesome! Much Needed

All I can really say is wow! I'm in the same position as you and have been flying pretty blind ... manually checking the properties of images I find to get the file names. But there were some I knew I was missing (and I didn't realize how many).

Thanks for the great idea and making it available.

at 6/7/2009 1:28 PM


very nice site... <x0902>
at 9/2/2009 3:15 AM


thanks for this! I don't have access to the server (yet).. so this is really helpful! :)
at 5/6/2010 3:21 AM

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