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Wiki Customization Update: Add List Views to Wiki Content

By request I have updated the functionality of the Wiki customization solution.  The update allows you to add any list view directly into the wiki content.  You are no longer restricted to add listed to only the end of the wiki page.  In addition, the list can be from any site on your domain.

So this allows you to include a task list, link list, document library or any other list into any wiki page.  The list does need to be a flat list and will not work with grouped lists at this time.

This update should really help with the integration of all the great data that you have stored on SharePoint.  Now you can customize the wiki pages to incorporate content from all corners of your SharePoint deployment.

If you already have the original solution in place then you will need to install the latest wiki.js file and follow the instructions found here.  If you are just now going to install this for the first time follow the instructions found here.

Here is a screen capture of what can be customized.


Hope this helps.




I love your site!  Even though I have no idea how Javascript, JQuery's or HTML work, your explanation of this I can mostly understand, which is far more than I have been able to on any other 'light dev' site. 

Thanks, you don't know how rare your info is.  You are inspiring me to try things out - normally I see code and I just run.  It's just too hard when you don't have someone to show you.  You make it look cool, sound easy, and explain properly.
at 12/16/2009 3:45 PM

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