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jQuery - List and Document Library Filtering Solution
Search has not been easy with SharePoint 2007 and especially with WSS 3.0.  For example many times I just want to search the list or document library I am on.  What I want is ability to see what items match what I looking for specifically with the list that is showing right now.  I would like to search, and not have to refresh the page or have to go to another location to do the search.
But this is really not searching as we are not necessarily looking at all the items in a list, just the items that are showing.  This is really filtering.  My initial post called it Searching, but it is really filtering.
I have been developing another site with SharePoint WSS 3.0 and needed to have such a solution.  The site www.mobilesitezone.net (this is designed for smartphones) is very customized SharePoint site, I then adapted the search/filtering created for it to work with any SharePoint List or Document Library.
What was created was a jQuery filtering solution that only looked at the list on the page and filtered the results based on the search criteria.  It will filter all the fields that are shown on the site and then show you the rows that have any matches.
Here is an example where this a large list of over 400 items and then a search is made for "google" which then displays just the results.
I have put together an example page where you can test this out and get the Web Part or Code for CEWP to add this to your site.
UPDATE 10/21/09 8:30 AM PST:  Changed this from search solution to a filter solution.  This better represents that actions taking place.
UPDATE 10/20/09 4:30 PM PST:  Added functionality so that enter will submit search.
Hope you enjoy,


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