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What's next? List Filter, Search and CEWP Options Interface
Things have been moving along well in the last couple of weeks with several solutions that I am going to roll out.  Each solution has a different audience from the end-user, supper-user with designer experience, and CEWP options solution for developers.
So here it is:
  • List Filter 2.0 Update
  • List Search Solution
  • New CEWP Option Interface

List Filter 2.0

I will be rolling out an updated version of the list filter I launch last month.  This new version will have the following additions:

  • Speed Improvements – Improve the speed to display the results by 4x for large lists.
  • Grouped Lists – Added a solution to better able grouped list filtering.
  • Add Comments –You can easily add comments to the filter box for the end-user.
  • Filter Box Position – You can now easily position the filter box to the left, center or right on the page.
  • New Options Interface – The new options interface makes it so that any of the above customization can be done code free.

List Search

This solution will search the whole list, not just what is showing on the page like List Filter.  This solution is a little more involved since we will need to create a Data View Web Part that can only be done with SharePoint Designer.  So the solution is not as simple as dropping in a CEWP and some code.  The benefit is that the search does not take you away from the page you are on.  So you can add this to any page and the user can search and stay in the same page.  Much better user experience.

New CEWP Options Interface

I am really excited about this one.  This is meant for those that have developed solution using the CEWP.  Many of our solutions require that the end-user must change some variables to make it work on their site.  That means they have to edit the code, which is like a foreign language to them.  Wouldn't it be nice if the end-user could do this code free, well they can and we can make that happen.  The solution I have developed uses the Rich Text Editor to make it a code free experience for the end-user.  How you ask, stay tuned.

Stay tuned as this will all be rolling out in the next week or so.


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