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Calculated Column - Formula - Fix Sort by Date
I had an issue where I wanted to sort by date, but since by default SharePoint formats a date as 5/25/2008 and 12/2/2008, sorting caused the Dec. date to sort first then the May Date.
My solution was to create a calculated column that formatted a date in way that is could be easily sorted.  mm-dd-yy.
  1. Create a new Calculated column
  2. In the Formula box, enter something like this: =TEXT([existing date column],"mm-dd-yy") You can use any date format string you like instead of "mm-dd-yy"
  3. Make the data type "Date and Time"
  4. Make the date and time format "Date Only"

This worked great for me.  Sorting worked as it should and grouping worked very well too.


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