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Site Owners – Display and Manage

One of the challenges I have with SharePoint is knowing who the site owner is for any given site or sub-site.  Ownership is a critical component of any deployment.  But ownership should be clearly communicated and maintained. 

When I work on a deployment one area that I work on with the organization is to identify who the site owners are.  Once this is identified we need to communicate this on the site.  But if we rely on each owner to identify this on their site we will have different implementations of this, inconsistency for the end-user to follow and a decentralized setup.  Also, there would be no easy way to see who all the site owners are and it would be a lot of work to go to each site to take note.  Also, I always recommend that site owners create a club (this sounds so much more fun and less formal then a committee) that can meet on a monthly basis to talk best practices and share experiences and solutions. 

Since SharePoint does not have any easy way to identify the site owner and provide a central location to track all this, I have come up with a solution.  Below you will find my solution to the problem.

The solution involves a content editor web part (CEWP), a centralized list with a couple of views and a document library.  The CEWP will be placed in every site collection and sub site.  The CEWP will point to a script that will show the correct site owner based on the site URL.  The list will house a list of all owners and the sites they own.  The document library will house the script used.

Here is an overview of how it will work.  By having the CEWP pulling both the script and list from a central place, you get the benefit of being able to change the ownership from a central place and if you want to customize the script you can do this too and it will be populated to all sites.


The result will look like this.  You can then outline who the site owner is and even adding listing like helpdesk, designer or admin.  These all can be added at any time.


The final result would look something like this:


Here is a link to the details on how to add this to your SharePoint deployment.


Hope this helps,




I have just come across your site and wanted to say thanks.  This is an absolutly great contribution especially showing who the site owners are with more focus being placed on portal Governance.

Lisa @ www.notebookstyles.co.uk
at 4/7/2010 8:53 AM

Indexing the site map

I passed it few times and finally clicked it. Shouldn't the Site 2 subsites be 2A and 2B?
at 5/1/2010 11:45 AM

Re: Site Owners – Display and Manage

Thanks.  Fixed that in the diagram.
Peter Allen at 5/1/2010 1:30 PM

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