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Print Overview

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Welcome to Print Overview where I will show you several ways to print cleaner pages or to print specific lists.  All of the examples use some form of JavaScript or JQuery to perform the solution.  The nice part is that you only have to add a Content Editor Web Part CEWP and put the code in to make it work. 

Each page will show you a sample list or page that can be printed as described below.  The code and other steps that just adding a CEWP will also be listed on the page.

In this example we will show how to have a print button that will allow you to print a clean page with out all the top part of the page.  This will work best if you are using the standard master page that comes with SharePoint.  If you have made grand changes to the master page and this solution may not have the desired results.
I like this one because it creates a very clean page to print.
In this example you will be able to print any list on a page and just print what is showing in that list.  This is a nice solution when you do not want to print the whole page.  Paul Grenier has posted this solution at www.endusersharepoint.com.  Here is a link to the article: http://www.endusersharepoint.com/?p=993
In this example we take printing a list and adding the ability to have each item printed on a separate page.  This is combining the work from Paul Grenier and Christophe.  I mentioned Pauls solution to the left.  Christophe has create the ability to use the calculated column to show HTML. pathtosharepoint.wordpress.com.