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SharePoint Layout Images

By Image Size

By Image Name

This area is devoted to the images that come with SharePoint.  All of these images can be found in the directory “/_layouts/images/”.  Unless you have admin access this directory is not accessible.


Here you will find a list of all those images found a “/_layouts/images/”.  Currently these images have been organized in two ways:

  • By Image Name – Listed in alphabetical order by the name Microsoft gave the image.
  • By Size – This I organized by the size of the image.  I have given you to views. 
    • List All - This will show ALL the images, so selecting small will list the 1400+ images. (This could take time based on your connection speed)
    • Groups of 200 - This will show 200 images at a time.

Coming soon with be by category.  There are over 2000 images and so this is taking longer then I thought.  If you have any comments or corrections please email peter@theallensite.com.