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Welcome to the SharePoint Wiki Customization Site!
This Wiki site is a live demo of the customization that can be done.
This solution will allow you to apply the same look and feel across all Wiki pages with out having to edit each page or add a web part to each page.
Here I will go over how to customize your Wiki in a way that the user will not have to maintain.  This method adds to the top and bottom of the Wiki content and allows you to set the width of the content.  
This solution does require that the Master page be appended.  If you do not have access to edit this page, please have your admin add the three required lines.
The solution uses CSS and JQuery to make the changes to each Wiki page.  By editing the CSS page you will have full control over the look and feel and provide a common top and bottom navigation to each page.
Please select from the links below to learn more or to downloaded the needed files.
  • Documentation - Overview of how this all works and what you have to do.
  • Implementation - Files to download to get you started.
  • ScreenCast - A nice video on how to implement by Mark Miller.
  • Updates - Provides a history of all updates made.

UPDATE 8/25/09

Add a list view any where in the wiki content:

Added the ability to add a list into the body of the wiki content.  Click Add List View to wiki content for details.

Here is an image that shows what will be added to each Wiki page, as it has been done on this site.

Last modified at 8/26/2009 12:01 AM  by Peter Allen