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What's required to implement:
  1. A Wiki Site
  2. Editing the two files provided and the Masters page
  3. Fun creating your new look to your Wiki
Here are the steps to implement this solution:
  1. Create a "document library" in your Wiki site called Support (this is where the files will be stored)
  2. Download the files below and upload them to the Wiki library called Support
    • The wiki.js files will need to edited
    • Open the file with a text editor and change the path to the wiki.css file.
      • Please refer back to the Documentation page and reference the areas highlighted in Red
  3. Edit your Master Page and add the three lines of code below between <head> </head>
    • Make sure that the path to each file has been changed to your environment
  4. Now every Wiki pages should have a new header and footer
  5. Open the file wiki.css from your site and edit the CSS and/or HTML to customize the look and feel and navigation
    • Please refer back to the Documentation page to edit the wiki.css page.  At minimum you will need to change the links, which are highlighted in Red
Add a List View to a Wiki Page:
Click here for instruction on how to add a List View to wiki content.
Files to Download
Code to add to Master page.  This should be added between the <head> </head> at the top of the master page.
(Make sure the href path is changes to where you have loaded the above files.)
<link type="text/CSS" rel="stylesheet" href="/ExamplePoint/Wiki/Support/wiki.css" />
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<script type='text/javascript' src='/ExamplePoint/Wiki/Support/wiki.js'></script>
Here is a screen shot of where to put the code:

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