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Welcome to Setting up a Blog for Meeting Minutes!

Here is how to setup a Blog as a meeting minute.

  1. Go to the site you want to add a meeting minutes Blog to it.
  2. Select "Site Actions" and select "Create".
  3. Select "Site and Workspaces"
  4. Title it, I like to do the following:  Meeting Minutes - (Area/Site/Group/Project) For Example:  Meeting Minutes - Accounting Team
  5. For URL I make the them simple: mm-accountteam
  6. Select a template: Blog
  7. Set your permissions
  8. Set you Link bar to parent site as "Yes" so that it is easier to get back to the main site.
  9. Click Create

You are now setup with a Blog as your meeting minutes.  Just a few things to do.

Setup your categories by clicking on the categories web part to the left.  Change the Category 1 through 3 to something that you will use.

Next setup the categories to allow selecting more then one.  This will allow a meeting to have multiple categories and be able to associate it to different topics/tags.

  1. Go back to the Blog site and select "Manage Posts" to the right.
  2. Select "Setting" and then "List Settings"
  3. Select the column called "Category" and then select "Allow multiple values"
  4. Click OK

You now have a meeting minutes Blog.  Enjoy, cause it is very liberating.  More to come later on how to tweak it.