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Blog - Used for Meeting Minutes Advance

Here you will find an example of a Blog used for meeting minutes.  This example site is used to show the advance and designer features you can implement to make the site more informative and user friendly.

On this site you will find the following additions:

  • Categories - They have been set to accept multiples.  This will allow a meeting minutes to be categorized in multiple ways and show up in each of those categories.  For example this post will show up in all categories.
  • Attendance - With SharePoint Designer you can add a feature to have people sign in for attendance.   This is a nice feature if you have a lot of people at a meeting to not to have to take roll and just let them check in.
  • Related Meeting Document Documents - Here you can add documents related to any meeting and it will be associated and grouped based on the meeting.
01.23.09 - Meeting



Jane Doe - All Hands Meeting

Meeting Purpose:

Bi-weekly team meeting to discuss business process, issues, status, etc.  


December 22, 2008


2:00pm – 2:50pm  PST


Conference Bridge: XXX.XXX.XXXX pin XXXXX

 Golden Gate Conf Room


John Doe


Discussion Topics



1.       Topic 1

2.       Topic 2

3.       Topic 3






Action Items




Action Required


Due Date



Action 1





Action 2






Attendees (X - Present, A - Absent)



Group A


Group B


Group C


John Smith


Fred Smith


Jane Doe