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TopicPointLinks: Calculated Columns - HTML


Calculated Columns - HTML 


Christophe from PathToSharePoint.wordpress.com was the first site that taught me the value of the calculated column beyond the standard features found using the column to do excel calculations.  He developed a script that allows you to communicate information in a list in new ways.  Think of the many graphical ways on a web site that you communicate information.  Now with the calculated column, Christophe's java script you are able to bring HTML and style sheets to a column and base it on fields in that row.
To use and display HTML in a calculated column you will need the following script found at PathToSharePoint.wordpress.com
Please follow these steps to be able to use the calculated column with HTML:
  1. To have the HTML calculated column display properly you must add the javascript.  The code can be found below in one of my BlogPoint posts.
  2. I recommend that you have the javascript in text file in a document library, this way you can link the text file to the CEWP.
    • Benefit of this is that if you need to change the javascript to an updated version you only need to update it in one place.
  3. Add a CEWP to the page you want the calculated column HTML to be viewed.  Move it at the end of all your webparts.
  4. Link the javascript file to the CEWP that you added.  Now you can see the result of your HTML.


Calculated Columns - HTML 


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