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Navigation of a website is so critical and is one of the main parts that either makes or breaks a good website.  I will be listing out some solutions and best practices in this matter.
Quick Launch:
Add to web part pages:
Why is it absent when you create a web part page.  I do not know why Microsoft did not include it in a web part page, but they did not.  In my Blog below I have several solutions for both WSS 3.0 and MOSS.  I have also added links to where I found solutions online.
Hide for web part pages:
Now for those pages that have the quick launch bar you can easily hide it if you want.  Add a CEWP and add this code an it will be hidden.
display: none;
Sometimes it may be nice to have more available on the quick launch bar, but not have it all showing and taking up so much space.  Here is an elegant solution.




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