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Modify settings and columns
The Html Calculated Column
First site you should review with regards to using calculated column for HTML.  This is what started it for me.
Calculated Columns - HTML2-AdvanceInternet Resources
Shareesblog - Folders Overview
This is a great article on how to utilize SharePoints features to make it easier to organize and find documents.
Document Library1-StandardInternet Resources
MS - Examples of common formulas
Here you find common examples to the calculated column from MS.
Calculated Columns - Formula1-StandardInternet Resources
MS - Formulas and Functions
Here is a list of the Formulas and Functions that can be used with SharePoint.
Calculated Columns - Formula1-StandardInternet Resources
Screencast on how to use a Blog for Meeting Minutes
Mark at EndUserSharePoint.com has a post and screencast on how to use a Blog for meeting minutes.
Meeting Minutes1-StandardInternet Resources
Leveraging SharePoint as a Document Management System
A solid overview of using SharePoint as a Document Management System.
Document Library1-StandardInternet Resources
Quick Launch - Making the Quick Launch appear again on Web Part pages stored in a document library
Overview on how to get the Quick Launch showing on web part page with designer.
Navigation2-AdvanceInternet Resources
Quick Launch - Adding the quick launch to team site pages
How to add it to the template if you have access to the following: "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\web server extensions\12\TEMPLATE\1033\STS\DOCTEMP\SMARTPGS"
Navigation2-AdvanceInternet Resources
Quick Launch - Hide the Quick Launch Bar
Todd Bleeker has a good article on how to hide the quick launch.  Even though it was written for WSS 2.0 it works for WSS 3.0 and MOSS.
Navigation2-AdvanceInternet Resources
Quick Launch - Customizing the Quick Launch menu: Adding fly-out menus to SharePoint navigation
Great way to have a menu for the Quick Launch.
Navigation2-AdvanceInternet Resources
Quick Launch - Accordion Left Navigation
Paul Grenier has posted an article on how to make the quick launch an accordion with JQuery code.
Navigation2-AdvanceInternet Resources
Quick Launch - Customize your Quick Launch with flyouts
Get the Point Blog by Microsoft has a good article and link on how to change the quick launch to a flyout.
Navigation2-AdvanceInternet Resources
JQuery Solutions at www.endusersharepoint.com
At www.endusersharepoint.com Paul Grenier has been developing some really wonderful solutions.  A MUST visit.
Javascript/JQuery2-AdvanceInternet Resources
Content Types - Articles from www.EndUserSharePoint.com
Here are really good articles on the many different things you can do with Content Types.
Document Library1-StandardInternet Resources
Content Types - Microsoft Overview
This is Microsofts overview of content types.
Document Library1-StandardInternet Resources
Document Library - Forced Check Out
Here is a JQuery script that will prevent the user from opening a document with out checking it out first.
Javascript/JQuery; Document Library2-AdvanceInternet Resources
QuickLaunch - Add to Web Part Pages - No need to Edit Master.Page
Christophe has done it again.  Here is a slick way to add the QuickLaunch with out have to edit any pages.
Navigation; Javascript/JQuery1-StandardInternet Resources
EndUserSharePoint - Document Library Overview
Here is another great article on how to use metadata with the SharePoint Document Library.  A must read.
Document Library1-StandardInternet Resources
Wiki-in-the-Box - Is SharePoint Wiki Really that Bad?
DYNOMITE Article on Wiki's.  A must read!!!!
Wiki1-StandardInternet Resources
Fixing SharePoint’s Wiki by adding a home button and repairing the breadcrumb
Here is a way to customize the breadcrumbs and add custom buttons to the wiki page.
Wiki3-Designer/3rd PartyInternet Resources
Quick Launch - add to web part page
Here is the code that needs to be taken out to show the Quick Launch.
Navigation3-Designer/3rd PartyInternet Resources