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Topic:Document Library
There are many features and benefits with SharePoint and document management.  What is outlined here is not a definitive guide to how to use the features of SharePoint document management, but a collection of what I think are best practices.
  • With SharePoint you do not have to use folders to organize your documents.  Folders have an inherent issues that you have to dive into a folder and sub folders to view the documents and if you do not find the document you need, you then have to work your way back to the top.
  • With SharePoint you can use Columns/metadata to organized your documents. 
    • Allows you to easily group files by the metadata and re group in other ways quickly.
    • Allows you to quickly change a files association.  For example you may have a grouping of Working Document and another grouping of Reference Materials.  A document can be changed very quickly from Working Document to Reference Document just by changing its meta-data.

Check out the examples and links here on this page.

Checking out documents is a change that will take time.  Below is a solution that will force it to happen for the user.
Want to print the list of document with out all the other stuff on the page, look below.
None at this time.
 Examples - 1-Standard - Document Library
Documents Grouped by
This example shows how using columns/metadata provides a more meaning fully way to viewing documents.
Images - SharePoint /_layout/images/ Full List
Here is a list of all the images found in SharePoint /_layout/images/ directory.
List and Document Library Filter
Here is a simple solution to add filtering for any list or document library.  Filter what is showing to find just the info you need.
Tab Page
Add a page with tab functionality that has a web part associated to each one.
 Examples - 2-Advance - Document Library, Javascript/JQuery, Lists
List - Collapse/Expand Text Field
Here is a great JQuery solution that will take any text field and collapse it so that it will not take up the whole view.  Then click to expand and read the text.  Wonderful!
List - View a List on any other site
Here is a great way with JQuery to view a list on any other site.  OOB this cannot be done with SharePoint, but now you can with this script.
Pop-up List/Document Library/Calendar - Customize - Advance
Here I outline how you can customize Paul Grenier's LoadTip script.
Print Clean Pages and Lists
Here are tricks to prinitng a clean page or to be able to print a list from a page.
 Examples - 3-Designer/3rd Party - Document Library, Javascript/JQuery, Lists
List and Document Library Search
This solution provides a way to search a list by metadata and show any items that contain the search parameters.
  Internet Resources - 1-Standard - Document Library
Shareesblog - Folders Overview
 <div>This is a great article on how to utilize SharePoints features to make it easier to organize and find documents.</div> 
Leveraging SharePoint as a Document Management System
 <div>A solid overview of using SharePoint as a Document Management System.</div> 
Content Types - Articles from www.EndUserSharePoint.com
 <div>Here are really good articles on the many different things you can do with Content Types.</div> 
Content Types - Microsoft Overview
 <div>This is Microsofts overview of content types.</div> 
EndUserSharePoint - Document Library Overview
 <div>Here is another great article on how to use metadata with the SharePoint Document Library.&nbsp; A must read.</div> 
  Internet Resources - 2-Advance - Javascript/JQuery;Document Library
Document Library - Forced Check Out
 <div>Here is a JQuery script that will prevent the user from opening a document with out checking it out first.</div> 


Solutions that utilize the standard out-of-the-box features that come with WSS or MOSS.
Solutions that utilize Javascript/JQuery
3-Designer/3rd Party
Solutions that require SharePoint Designer or installing a 3rd party tool.

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