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Peter H. Allen

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Peter H. Allen

1723 Pluto Way, Sacramento, CA 95864 or

H: 916-488-6943  M: 916-538-1530


Over 15 years deploying and managing operations for client management, product, customer service and call center divisions.   All have been deployed in Technology, Health Care, Disease Management, Health and Wellness, Consulting, Start Ups, and Small/Large Companies. 


LifeMasters Supported SelfCare, Inc., Rancho Cordova, CA                 04/2005 – 07/2009

LifeMasters is a national disease management company delivering disease management services to individuals with chronic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease, musculoskeletal conditions and their co-morbidities.


Senior Manager, Product Innovation 6/08 – 7/09 

  • Increased enrollment for the hardest to reach by 200%
  • Decreased per enrollment cost by 43%
  • Program cost was 25% of first month's revenues gained
  • Streamlined the Product to Market (PTM) process from 13 to 24 months to 3 to 6 months
  • Supported the development of a centralized project management site with a dashboard, project management tools and reporting features through SharePoint

Senior Manager, Client Experience Process 3/07 – 6/08

  • Redesigned process to address responding to RFP’s, client contracting, and implementing new services
  • Resulted in the most RFP’s ever responded to in one year
  • Increased client compliance by creating a central site to manage and view all critical operational and clinical measures
  • Implemented an internal communication process to provide a consistent view of client health, providing insight to areas that required attention


Senior Manager, Government Programs 3/06 – 3/07

  • Increased Client satisfaction from 75% to 80% by:
    • Implementing issue tracking system using SharePoint
    • Standardizing how client requests are managed and communicated internally/externally
    • Developing a new department to manage client activities internally
  • Improved enrollment of members into the LifeMasters MHS program from 38% to 51%
  • Reduced cost per enrollment by 36%


Process Improvement Consultant 10/05 – 3/06

  • Implemented in-person enrollment and engagement process in Florida
    • Result: Increased penetration into the population by 20% resulting in higher engagement and program compliance
  • Oversaw process for coordination of field work with telephonic call center operations
  • Implemented technology (laptops and software) which decreased after-hour administration from 2 hours to ½ hour for each nurse
  • Lead the documentation of the complete enrollment and engagement process
  • Utilized the iGrafx simulation engine to test process changes prior to implementation
  • Allowed the company to evaluate the impact that proposed changes would make to the process, which decreased unnecessary rework

Process Analyst 4/05 -10/05

  • DMAIC  Implemented a standard methodology to manage and evaluate results (
  • Volere – Implemented a standard methodology to capture and communicate business requirements (
  • Standard Business Requirements – Revised the business requirements to be in line with Volere and DMAIC methodologies
  • Identified critical requirements for a BPMN tool, evaluated and made recommendations on proposed BPMN tools, and Implemented iGrafx tool
  • Evaluated and implemented a data enrichment process and a vendor that address low member contact rate due to incorrect phone numbers and increased correct numbers to over 75%

 Sacramento Technology Group/Omnistruct, Sacramento, CA                                2003 - 2005

Sacramento Technology Group is an information technology services firm providing technical project services for medium to large enterprises, government, and small/medium business markets. Omnistruct is a parent company of Sacramento Technology Group providing ASP services for the Architectural, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry.


Operations and Business Development Manager 10/03 - 3/05 

  • Managed SMB to Enterprise customers – Raley’s/BelAir, Java City, ClubOne
  • Developed and introduced new service offerings that increased revenues by 15%
  • Implemented IT security systems for enterprise environments
  • Managed data centers from servers, to Telco, to security to disaster recovery
  • Managed the ongoing implementation of an enterprise wide telecom project which resulted in a three-year savings of over $1 Million, a 25% savings.

NTT/Verio/NSNet                                                                                                  1995 - 2002

NTT is the world's largest telecommunications company.  In 2000, acquired Verio to complete NTT’s international network.  Verio was a national ISP that had acquired over 60 regional ISP’s.  NSNet in 1998 was one of the regional ISP’s to be acquired.



  • Reengineered and revitalized Dallas Call Center
    • Realigned departments, streamlined the IVR/ACD, implemented new processes and resources, reengineered training and revitalized morale
    • Result: reduced call hold times from 2 hours to less than 5 minutes
    • Result: Increased same day resolution from 40% to 90%
  • Oversaw three departments: Client Services, Office of the President, and Project Central
  • Consistently had the highest customer retention and satisfaction - Sustained a 98% retention of customer base
  • Developed and implemented a department and systems to track projects, resources and ROI’s

National Client Service Manager 

  • Developed and implemented Client Services in less than a year and deployed it nationally
  • Developed and implemented a software tracking system
    • Provided real-time reporting (previously taking days to generate)
    • Introduced the three-tier communication system - communication to Sales, Customer and Senior Executives
  • Managed the implementation of strategic process to decrease Telco installation for all Customer Installation Coordination teams
    • Result:  Reduced installation times by 70%

Operations Manager 

  • Managed the development of fully integrated sales, provisioning and billing system
    • Result: Created a one-to-one relationship between services rendered and services billed
  • Managed the creation of Tech Support, Billing, Sales and Engineer departments



University of California at Davis – Davis, CA     Bachelor of Science, Human Development




  • MS Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, SharePoint Designer, SharePoint
  • MindManager
  • iGrafx, process analysis, modeling, simulation
  • Process Improvement - Six Sigma DMAIC
  • Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
  • Product to Market (PTM)

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