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SSPUG Presentation 8/20/2009

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Solutions to Enhance SharePoint
Out-Of-The-Box Functionality
Peter Allen



  • Review Solutions to Enhance SharePoint
    • Progress Bar
    • View Remote Lists
    • Customize Wiki
    • Add Tabs to a Page

  • All of these solutions require no admin access

 Progress Bar

Progress Bar
  • Lists do not have the functionality to graphically or with color communicate progress.



SharePoint Lists
  • Can only be viewed within a site
  • Problem: You must go to each site to view the list and see changes
  • Solution: View just the lists that you need to keep track of from multiple sites

 Customized Wiki

Customize Wiki
  • The current version of SharePoint 3.0 Wiki is very basic Article to Review Basics
  • Lacks a way to customize across Wiki pages 
  • You must change each page for standard theme or navigation
  • Lists can only be added to the end of the page
  • Here is a solution that provides customization and allows you to include a list anywhere in a Wiki page


  • When you have many web parts on a page it can get hard to find what you are looking for
  • You may have to scroll far down a page to get to the content (web part) needed
  • Tabs can make navigating and viewing large amounts of information easier
  • I will review two solutions that help you add tabs to pages


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